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plasma stainless steel cutting


The foundation of plasma cutting is based on raising the temperature of the material to be cut in a very localized way and above 20,000 ºC, taking the gas used to the fourth state of matter, plasma, the state in which the electrons they dissociate from the atom and the gas ionizes (becomes conductive).
The plasma cut achieves high quality cuts and a very good finish.
high definition plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting technique

The procedure consists of provoking a strangled electric arc through the extremely small section of the torch nozzle, which concentrates the kinetic energy of the gas used, concentrating it ionically, and by polarity acquires the property of cutting.

In summary, plasma cutting is based on the thermal and mechanical action of a gas jet heated by a direct current electric arc established between an electrode located in the torch and the part to be machined. The plasma jet launched against the piece penetrates the entire thickness to be cut, melting and expelling the material.

Advantages of plasma cutting

The main advantage of this system lies in its reduced risk of deformation due to the heat compaction of the cutting area.

This modern technology is usable for cutting any conductive metallic material, and more especially in structural steel, stainless and non-ferrous metals. It allows cut thicknesses of 0.5 to 160 millimeters, with plasma units of up to 1000 amps. Plasma cutting also enables machining of structural steel with the possibility of beveling up to 30 millimeters.

There is also a low thermal impact on the material thanks to the high energy concentration of the arc-plasma. The beginning of the cut is practically instantaneous and produces minimal deformation of the part. This process allows machining at high cutting speeds and produces less downtime (no preheating is required for drilling). High quality cuts and a very good finish are achieved.

Advice and consultations

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